Assessment Checks

How Much Should I Pay?

We now have three different types of child support schemes,

CS1 (for cases before 03.03.03)

CS2 (for cases after 03.03.03)

CS3 (for cases after 10.12.12)

Each of these schemes calculate your child maintenance liability in very different ways.  Other websites have calculators available, but these are only practical for CS2 and CS3 cases, and may not necessarily consider ALL of the circumstances of your case.  For example, your net income as calculated by HMRC and shown in your payslips may not necessarily be the same income used by the CSA for maintenance calculation.

NACSA offer an Assessment Checking service which allows us to look specifically at your details to establish your potential liability for maintenance. This is available for all three schemes of child support and can help to establish your potential liability based on certain circumstances, or to verify if the Agency’s calculation of maintenance is correct.

Assessment checks are often used to determine whether a partners income will affect the amount of maintenance to be paid, or how maintenance may alter if employments change.   Whatever the reason, we can help.  Our Assessment Checking service starts from as little as £15.   If you require this service please contact our office 01384 572525 for more details.

Download forms for CS1 cases here

Download forms for CS2/CS3 cases here