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A  Liability Order  is an order granted by the court which legalises a debt.  Once granted, CMS are entitled to take enforcement action to recover the outstanding arrears. 

Often the first option will be to refer the debt to a Bailiff, who will make contact with the Paying Parent to discuss a repayment plan.   Negotiations can take place, but any agreement must be reasonable against the overall debt.  

If a Paying Parent fails to communicate with the bailiff, a visit is likely to take place - and bailiff fees will be charged;

  • £75 compliance fee - imposed at referral to the bailiff
  • £235 visit fee - for debt upto £1500
  • 7.5% of debt - visit fee - for debt above £1500

These fees will be enforceable alongside any child support debt.   

Once a bailiff has visited a property, they are entitled to remove goods with a view to raising funds against the debt.   

If bailiffs have been in contact, or you need more information about bailiff enforcement please join now, and speak to our team.