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Benefits of Joining

Help and support for all Child Support/Maintenance problems

CMS Help and Advice

Child support legislation is complex and many parents need help to understand CSA/CMS decisions.  Rules that apply to one case may not necessarily apply to another, even if the circumstances appear to be similar, so it is important to secure good accurate advice.  If you have a dispute with CMS/CSA, or they are simply not listenting to you, we can help!

We cannot tell you to break the law, and we cannot change the law for individual cases - but we  can tell you when CMS are not following the law correctly!  By accessing our telephone help line number, you can discuss your concerns in detail with one of our team who will advise you what, if any options you have to challenge the decisions made.

Sometimes just knowing that someone is listening, without judgement, can make all the difference.  Many parents comment of   “having the weight taken off them!”   from their first telephone call with our team.   Read our Testimonials here. 


NACSA provides a range of services tailored to your specific circumstances and concerns.  To join, purchase a One Month Subscription securely here, or call 01384 572525 where payment can be taken over the telephone.