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Child Maintenance: Enforcement

The Child Maintenance Service have a range of powers to collect or enforce outstanding child maintenance debt - even if those arrears are in dispute. 

Failed payments will initially lead to the case being referred to the Collect and Pay service, which will attract fees.   A Paying Parent will be charged 20% of the regular maintenance which is payable in addition to the maintenance award.   The Receiving Parent will lose 4% of the maintenance paid.

If non payment continues - enforcement action will commence. 

There is no shortage of enforcement options, but our experience shows a very inconsistent approach to the way in which those powers are used.  Child Maintenance Service will charge the Paying Parent for enforcement action take, so it is vital that you secure sound guidance about how debt can be collected, or challenged if disputed. 

The following pages provides an overview of the enforcement options available but for case specific guidance,  speak to us about the options we can offer to assist you