Child Maintenance Abbreviations

Below are some of the abbreviations that you may come across whilst dealing with CSA matters, and may be mentioned on our site. If you encounter an abbreviation that is not listed below please email and we will endeavour to have it included.

  •  AI: Assessable income
  • COC: Change of circumstances
  • DEO: Deduction of earning order (money taken from your salary)
  • DO: Deduction Order (money taken from a bank account)
  • DP: Data Protection
  • DWP: Department of Work and Pensions
  • EI: Exempt income
  • HoC: House of Commons
  • HR: Human Rights
  • IS: Income support
  • JSA: Job Seekers Allowance
  • MAF: Maintenance assessment form
  • MEF: Maintenance enquiry form
  • MEP: Member of European Parliament
  • MP: Member of Parliament
  • MR: Maintenance requirement
  • NRP: Non resident parent
  • NRPP: Non resident parent’s partner
  • PAS: Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • PR: Parental responsibility
  • PWC: Parent with care
  • PWCP: Parent with care’s partner
  • QC: Qualifying child
  • RBD: Reduced benefit directive