Problems with child maintenance payments and debt? We can help!
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How Can NACSA Help You?

If your case is managed by Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service, we can help.  Our standard telephone support service provides access to the helpline whereby you can discuss your case in detail and establish what, if any, action you need to take in order to resolve the issues.  Alongside the helpline service we also offer:


Whether your case is assessed on CS1, CS2, or CS3 we can calculate your potential maintenance payment, or check if CSA/CMS calculations are accurate.  This is particularly useful if you know there are going to be changes in your circumstances and you want to establish the impact it may have on your maintenance payments. 


Debt can be a particularly distressing element of any child support complaint, whether its money that you are deemed to owe, or money that is due to be paid to you, it is vital that you have an accurate arrears balance.   The Debt Verification Package will involve a brief study of the case files to cross reference against charges made to the account.  


If your case has complex issues extending over many years, a full in-depth study of the case history is required.  This will enable us to check all decisions thoroughly and ensure they are all made within the regulations. It will identify key activities and highlight any aspects that may require further investigation or action with CSA/CMS.  

With the case closure program almost now complete, many parents are receiving letters from CSA advising them of debt for a case that may have been closed for many years.  A Full Case Audit is particularly useful to verify these cases, and estabilsh the accuracy of any outstanding arrears.


Our Full Representation Service allows NACSA to deal with CSA/CMS on your behalf. This removes the need for any parent to have to deal with CSA/CMS directly, and ensures that no decision is made outside of the legislation.  Whether representation helps to remove the anxiety of having to deal with CSA/CMS directly, or simply allows you to dedicate your time and attention to other committments, we can take the burden from you.  Parents report an “immense relief” after handing their case over to NACSA. 


The appeal process follows a strict legal format and whilst you can navigate the system directly, it is important to prepare and present your case correctly to ensure the best outcome.  Our Senior Consultant has over 20 years experience with child support law and will assist you through the proceedings, providing all necessary responses to HM Courts and Tribunals on your behalf.  


If you require assistance in drafting any responses to CSA, CMS or the other parent we can help.  Likewise, if you have a degree of paperwork that you wish us to study and explain to you, we can do this.  


Many parents prefer to actually speak with someone face to face, and we can help with this too.  We offer a 2 hour personal consultation in which a consultant will discuss with you any paperwork or issues relating to your case.  Consultations take place in our offices in the West Midlands.  We rarely have short notice appointments available - so please contact us at your earliest opportunity if you wish to book an appointment.