Data Protection File Complaints

Resolving CSA Complaints

Complaints against child support agency can be complex, with incorrect child maintenance assessments and false child support debt being created as a result.   When such CSA problems occur you will need to request your CSA Data Protection files and study them carefully.   Disputed child maintenance debt can often be rectified by a comprehensive study of these CSA files.

There is no longer a fee to pay for these CSA files, but they will take approximately 6 weeks to be sent to you.   CSA files are not easy to study, as they are littered with CSA coding and abbreviations.  In some cases specialist knowledge of CSA legislation is required to identify any errors in the decision made,  but they can often provide evidence to support any challenge you have against CSA decisions that you dispute.  Please use our a draft Data Protection Request letter to request your file if you have issues that have been ongoing for some time.

If you do require help in studying these files, do contact us about our Full Case Audit package, which allows our senior consultant to take receipt of the files and study them. A full detailed report is then produced highlighting the areas of concern and/or that may require further action.  We also offer a Full Representation Service which allows NACSA to take over your case and deal directly with CSA on your behalf.