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Deduction from Earnings Order (DEO)

Where child maintenance payments are missed on a regular basis, the Child Maintenance Service can issue a 'Deduction from Earnings Order' (DEO) direct to the employer of the Paying Parent. 

Key Facts

  • A  DEO does not require an application to court - and can remove upto 40% of a Paying Parents income each week/month.  
  • Once a DEO is in place, the Paying Parent is legally obliged to report certain changes to their employment status.
  • Appealing a DEO's is not easy, and can only be done under limited circumstances.  
  • DEO's are not effective against Self Employed, or Paying Parents that control their own payroll. 
  • A charge of £50 is made when a DEO is imposed.  Whilst that is a single fee, the employer is entitled to charge a nominal sum each time a deduction is made. 
  • The employer is legally obliged to impose the DEO, and may face prosecution if they fail to do so.