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Deduction Orders

CSA and CMS have the power to remove funds from your bank/building society account.  This can be a regular deduction, or a lump sum order to remove a larger amount in one payment.  This process does not require any application to court, CSA or CMS will simply instruct your bank to freeze the money in preparation of the deduction.  

Deduction Orders can be imposed against joint accounts as well as sole named accounts. 

Key Facts :

  • Deduction Orders should be used only when the NRP has demonstrated a failure to pay maintenance by any other method.
  • The intention is to use regular Deduction Orders against bank accounts, and lump sum Deduction Orders against building society/savings accounts.  
  • There are limited opportunities to appeal the Deduction Order.
  • The Paying Parent/NRP may request a review of the order if their circumstances change.  There is no obligation for the order to be reviewed.
  • Deduction Orders are regularly imposed where a Deduction from Earnings Order is not appropriate.