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Deduction Orders

CMS have the power to remove funds from your bank/building society account.  This can be a regular deduction, taking a sum of money each week/month, or it can be a lump sum order to remove a larger amount in one payment.  

These orders can be made without an application to court.    Appealing a Deduction Order is possible but only under limited circumstances - and costs may run into thousands of pounds if your application is deemed invalid.  It is vital that you seek advice before submitting an appeal against a Deduction Order. 

Key Facts :

  • Deduction Orders can be imposed against joint accounts as well as sole named accounts, and certain types of business accounts.  
  • Deduction Orders should be used only when the NRP has demonstrated a failure to pay maintenance by any other method.
  • The intention is to use regular Deduction Orders against bank accounts, and lump sum Deduction Orders against building society/savings accounts.  
  • The Paying Parent/NRP may request a review of the order if their circumstances change.  There is no obligation for the order to be reviewed.
  • Deduction Orders are regularly imposed where a Deduction from Earnings Order is not appropriate.