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Conflict of Interest Policy

We remain vigilant to identify any conflicts of interest at the earliest opportunity.    If a conflict of interest is identified before, or at the point of purchase, the transaction will be declined or refunded prior to any discussion with our consultants.  

If a conflict of interest is identified during the initial consultation, we will manage it as follows:

  • Any communication with a client who is linked to an existing client will be suspended as soon as a conflict of interest is identified.
  • Details of the conflict of interest will be notified to the main director of NACSA at the earliest opportunity.
  • To preserve client confidentiality, all case notes of the two parties will be immediately locked and will be accessible by the Director only. 
  • The Director will review the details and confirm if it constitutes a Conflict of Interest.  If yes, the Director will
    • Consider the possibility that both parties would be amenable to settling matters outside of CMS, and facilitate those discussions where possible.  Costs would be charged to the newest client unless both parties agree otherwise. 
    • Advice the new client of the conflict of interest, thus preventing any further discussion.   The purchase will be cancelled and the new client reimbursed in full. 
  • All documents, details and any other information relevant to the cancelled purchase will be removed from our system.