How much will it cost?

Why do we Charge?

Child Support legislation is very complex, and parents need to gain sound advice when dealing with the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service.  We have been involved with child support legislation since 1993 and have guided many families through the complexity of the law.  Our staff take your concerns about CSA/CMS seriously, and dedicate their time and passion as if it were their own circumstances.  Sadly, we still have overheads to pay – increased further by the introduction of a Living Wage.  We receive no Government funding, and have never introduced annual increases to our prices. Regrettably we are no longer able to take that approach, and our prices will be increased steadiliy over the coming months

Telephone Support: £30 Per Month

You can access our helpline as many times as necessary* within your one month period of subscription to discuss your case in detail. Guidance will be given to explain how child support legislation is applicable in your case. Our team will help you to create an action plan towards achieving a suitable outcome for the issues on your case. Or clear simple information may be sufficient to help clarify elements of legislation and how this may apply specifically to your case. There are a range of additional support packages that we offer, none of which are compulsory but may be of benefit to help achieve a satisfactory outcome to your case.

* Fair Usage Policy in place

Face to Face Consultation: £80 (2 hours)

Many clients prefer to speak to someone directly, and a face to face consultation may be more suitable. Consultations take place at our offices in the West Midlands and allows one of our consultants to take a look at the paperwork you have received and help you to understand actions that have been taken, and where further investigation may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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We offer a Free General Enquiry option, but this is restricted to legislative guidance only and cannot discuss case specifics. Our Free support is by email or post only, we cannot offer telephone support unless you are a current subscriber. Please complete our Enquiry Form page for this service.