Welcome to NACSA

Child maintenance legislation is not easy to understand, and few solicitors will take on CSA cases. NACSA will help you to gain understanding and control over your case, whether by general guidance from our helplines or by taking over the case entirely and dealing with CSA on your behalf.

If you’ve not yet joined, take a look through our website and see how we may be able to help you. We do not accept Government funding, and in order to keep our services available, we do have to make a small charge to access the services that we offer. We do however appreciate that not all questions about CSA warrant the cost of a subscription. If you wish to gain non case specific general support please email but please be patient, sometimes we do have a lot of general enquiries to answer, and our paid members requests do take priority.

If you have joined NACSA, you now have access to our support team who will be happy to take your call and discuss your concerns in details.  You also have access to the Members Area by using the ‘Log In’ link in the User Menu to the right of our homepage.  You can change your profile details along with your password once you are logged in should you wish to do so.  If you encounter any problems at all, please contact us on  Once you are signed in, you will see a new Members Menu which offers a range a help sheets.  If you know of any other help sheet or articles that you believe may be of help to others please do let us know.

The help sheets are designed to give general guidance on matters relating to child support, but as a subscriber you can now access the Adviser Team directly either by calling the help line or using the dedicated email address. You should also view our Support Packages page which outline some of the other services that we offer.  These packages are not compulsory purchases, but may benefit you in achieving a suitable outcome to the concerns on your case.

We offer a Full Representation service, which allows us to take over the management of your case and deal with the Agency directly on your behalf.  This service not only relieves you of the anxiety of dealing with the Agency, but also removes the pressure of knowing whether information given to you by Agency staff is correct or legal – we do all the challenging for you.  For more details of this service please contact us.

We are specialists in Child Support law, but we cannot break the law.  Sometimes decisions may be very unfair, but they remain legal all the same. We are determined to help ensure the Agency apply the law correctly. We are pleased to report that almost all of our past customers have been impressed with our services, even if the outcome was not entirely as they would have liked.   You can read some of their comments on our Testimonial page.  If you have received good service from our team, please do let us know

Any long standing supporter may have noticed that we have no Forums on the website.  We decided to remove the forums for the time being, but may offer them again soon. In the meantime general discussions take place regularly on our Facebook page, so why not visit and “Like” our page at  to keep upto date with all new developments or changes within child support legislation.  If you do not have a Facebook account, the same information is also posted on our Blogpage so do keep visiting, or use the RSS feed that is available.  We also have a Twitter account @Nacsachair

Our website is updated as quickly as we can, so do keep visiting and if you have any comments on how to improve the site please do let us know.