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Child Maintenance Calculations

Child Maintenance Calculations


Child maintenance is a priority expense and there is a legal requirement to financially support a child until they reach the age of 20 year or leave full time further education. With three different calculation processes, couple with the variation or departure schemes it can be difficult to establish your liability. Some parents like to know how changes in their circumstances may affect the maintenance payable so that they can budget accordingly. Some parents simply want assurance that the calculations sent to them are correct.

CS1 (Old Rules) calculations are particularly complex with an excessive amount of information that may affect the outcome. CS2 (New Rules) and CS3 (Gross Income Scheme) calculations are more straightforward, but can be complicated by the variation scheme.

Whatever your reasons we offer a calculation service. We are fully trained in all three schemes of calculation along with the impact from any departure or variation. Prices start from £15 for a single calculation check, but contact us for more information if you require multiple calculations.