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NACSA can provide a range of services to help with a variety of problems caused by Child Support Agency.  We cannot make the law fit your circumstances, but we can give you the help to ensure that your case is administered according to Child Support regulations.  The following services can be purchased in addition to the monthly subscription, but it is not compulsory to do so.

Whether your case is assessed on CS1, CS2, or CS3 we can check a maintenance assessment to establish if their calculations are accurate.  We can also carry out calculations to determine your potential maintenance liability following any change in your circumstances.  Many clients prefer to have an independant calculation before deciding whether to report a change in their circumstance or not, and this can help with those decisions.  (Note: some change in circumstances have to be reported legally).  Decisions involving Departure or Variation awards can also be verfied.

Debt can be a particularly distressing element of any child support complaint, whether its money that you are deemed to owe, or money that is due to be paid to you. The inefficiencies of the Agency demonstrate that it is crucial to have any alleged arrears verified. Our Debt Verification Package will help to achieve this, although some complex cases may also require a study of the Data Protection files, details of which are below.

There are various stages of an Appeal process, and we have packages to suit all aspects. We can provide help and support from the initial submission of an Appeal application, through to the First Tier Tribunal decision. Our basic Appeal Package will provide details of the issues under appeal, where additional elements may need to be challenged, or aspects that may require greater attention. Guidance on the appropriate evidence and preparation that you may need for the hearing will also be given, with the option of you securing ongoing support upto the point of the Appeal hearing date.

Alternatively, if you have already had an appeal, but feel the decision is wrong, we can offer services allowing us to study the Statement of Reasons to identify any “error in law”, along with additional support to submit the application to Upper Tribunal if you decide to proceed.

We will guide you through the process of application for Variation or Departures and help with completion of the forms. You will be able to discuss what grounds may be available to you, or if the grounds being used against you can be challenged. Variations and Departure applications often require the process of Appeal to be successful, so our Appeal Package may compliment this particular package.

Many complaints that we hear about have been ongoing for many years.  Some people also think that because an issue was not fully resolved at the time, it is too late to do so now.  That’s not always the case.  A Full Case Audit will involve the full study of your CSA case files as held by the Child Support Agency, and may uncover a variety of issues that require further investigation.

  • As an NRP, you may have complaints that CSA made contact after many years of silence, but now make threats of high level enforcement action. CSA powers of enforcement are extensive and unrelenting – it is therefore critical that all aspects of your case are accurately administered.
  • As a PWC you may have battled for many years to secure appropriate maintenance and found little or no action on the case with no real explanation for such poor administration. Decisions may have been made which result in reduced maintenance without appropriate consideration of your protests.

Our Full Case Audit involves a thorough inspection of your Data Protection files, identifying all key activities on your case and clarification of CSA having applied legislation correctly.  An extensive report, written in plain English, will be provided outlining the history of your case, the decisions made during the history and with clear identification of all issues that need to be investigated further and how best to proceed with any such matter.

NACSA have successfully removed several hundred thousand pounds worth of false arrears after studying files and identifying common errors.  If you feel your case has never been fully corrected, this service may be of benefit to you.

Our Full Representation Service allows NACSA to deal with CSA on your behalf, relieving you of that pressure. We will steer your case through the complexities of legislation to ensure that the correct decisions are applied and keep you informed of all progress. Whether representation helps by removing the anxiety of CSA activity, or simply to allow you to focus on other committments  – we have often been told of the “immense relief” felt by clients following their instruction to authorise NACSA to act on their behalf.

Our standard subscription allows you access to the helplines or dedicated email address, and at times we may have to ask you to supply copies of certain correspondences in order for us to establish exactly what actions CSA are taking on the case at any given time. However, subscription does not allow us to study any extensive paperwork. If the degree of paperwork that you require us to study, this package may be required.

If you prefer to speak to one of our team face to face we can accommodate. We now offer a 2 hour personal consultation in which a consultant will inspect your initial paperwork and identify any key areas that merit further investigation. Consultations take place in our offices in the West Midlands.

Should you wish to take advantage of any Support Package, or to book a consultation with one of our team, please visit our shop here or call 01384 572525 (office hours Mon-Fri 9.30am until 3pm).