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When CMS Get It Wrong… NACSA® Put It Right!


  • Are you a Paying Parent wrongly assessed by Child Maintenance Service?

  • Are you a Receiving Parent not receiving a true maintenance award?

  • Are you a family lawyer about to sign off your client's final divorce/separation agreements? 


CMS legislation can dramatically affect your family finances, so naturally, you want advice from a trustworthy source, who has the knowledge and expertise to defend your case accurately.  NACSA is the leading child maintenance advisory service, delivering sound advice and guidance to parents and family lawyers for almost three decades.

Over the past 27 years, we have delivered straightforward advice and guidance to carefully steer parents through the complex process of child maintenance decisions.

Our expertise has also been instrumental in child support publications, presenting evidence to the Select Committee and providing training to family solicitors.

If you need help with any Child Maintenance Service decision or threats of legal enforcement against child maintenance arrears, contact us now. 


Preliminary Consultation

Our preliminary consultation will allow one of our specialist consultants to discuss the problems you have with your CMS case.  We will review the decisions made, identify any aspect where the legislation has not been applied correctly, and work together to plan the steps towards resolution.  

Preliminary consultations are carried out by Telephone or Zoom, but in-person appointments can now be arranged at our offices in the West Midlands if preferred.     

More complex issues may be under review by HM Courts and Tribunal, in which case our Senior Consultant will review your appeal papers, and discuss the necessary preparation for your Tribunal hearing. 

In many cases, a preliminary consultation will provide the information for you to take forward any required challenge, but if you want us to support you through that process, we have a range of services to help you. 


If CMS are a part of your life, why not have the experts at your side.  Book your consultation now, and let us help you to put things right. 

For your personal consultation please click here   


Additional Note; We are experts in Child Support law as governed by the Child Support Act 1991, and its associated regulations.  We do not deal with

  • Overseas Maintenance (unless CMS has jurisdiction in the case)
  • Child Access arrangements
  • Making non payers - pay.  Only CMS have the legal right to enforce non-payment of child maintenance. 
  • We cannot remove debt that is proven to be valid, although we can help to achieve a more manageable payment plan
  • We are not CMS... We cannot access your account as held by them.


We cannot tell you to break the law - but we can tell you when CMS is not following the law!