When CSA Get It Wrong… NACSA Put It Right!!

Advice and Guidance on all Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Service decisions.

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Child Maintenance Specialists and Solicitors are difficult to find and expensive to hire. Many parents encounter problems with Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service and need sound advice to help resolve their complaints. NACSA provides specialist help for all three schemes of child maintenance calculation, including support for HM Courts and Tribunal proceedings

NACSA does not help parents evade their responsibility to pay maintenance, or remove child support debt that is proven to be correct. Our remit is to ensure that child support legislation is applied correctly. All our staff are knowledgeable in CS1, CS2 schemes as well as the new Gross Income Scheme (CS3) managed by Child Maintenance Service.

We have provided assistance to thousands of families from child support advice to assistance with child support appeals and tribunals. We have presented evidence to the Select Committee, and provided guidance to solicitors, MPs, Ministers, CAB centres and Debt Counselling Agencies. Our Senior Consultant is an active member of Resolution’s CSA Committee board. Resolution is a collaborative group of Family Law Solicitors and Advocates.

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Telephone Support: £30 (1 month)
Direct telephone/email access to one of the team who can discuss your case in detail and provide appropriate guidance on how child support legislation will affect your situation. Click Here to Join Today


Personal Consultation: from £100 (2 hours)
A direct meeting with one of our Consultants to discuss your case in more detail. We can review your documents and provide appropriate guidance on how child support legislation will affect your situation. Assistance can also be provided to parents involved in HM Courts and Tribunal proceedings Click Here to Book Today