Problems with child maintenance payments and debt? We can help!
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When CMS Get It Wrong… NACSA® Put It Right!!


  • Are you a Paying Parent wrongly assessed by Child Maintenance Service?

  • Are you a Receiving Parent not receiving a true maintenance award?

  • Are you a family lawyer about to sign off your client's final divorce/separation agreements? 

CMS legislation can have a dramatic impact on all of the above and it is important to gain sound advice and guidance.  If you are having CMS problems, or your client is making final divorce or schedule 1 applications - we can help. 


Child Support legislation is a very complex area of child maintenance law, and sound advice and guidance are difficult to find.  NACSA has been providing support and guidance to parents for over 25 years, and are considered to be an expert in the field.  


Alongside the support offered to individual clients, NACSA have also played a major role in presenting evidence to the Select Committee and provides guidance to solicitors, MPs, Ministers, CAB centres and Debt Counselling Agencies. 

How We Can Help  

A consultation will allow you to discuss your case directly with one of our specialist consultants.  Initially, details of your case and the concerns that you have will be taken and there may be a need for your consultant to read or check some of the decisions or letters that relate to the complaint.  Your consultant will then discuss with you what actions should be taken to challenge any decisions that are wrong in law, or poorly administered. 

If your case is currently managed under HM Courts and Tribunals, our Senior Consultant is available to discuss your appeal papers, and the necessary preparation needed for the hearings.  


For your personal consultation please click here   

How We Cannot Help 

We are experts in Child Support law as governed by the Child Support Act 1991, and its associated regulations.  We do not deal with

  • Overseas Maintenance (unless CMS has jurisdiction in the case)
  • Child Access arrangements
  • Making non payers - pay.  Only CMS have the legal right to enforce non-payment of child maintenance. 
  • We cannot remove debt that is proven to be valid, although we can help to achieve a more manageable pay plan
  • We are not CMS..  We cannot access your account as held by them 


We cannot tell you to break the law - but we can tell you when CMS is not following the law!