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When CMS Get It Wrong… NACSA® Put It Right!!


  • Are you a Paying Parent wrongly assessed by Child Maintenance Service?  

  • Are you a Receiving Parent not receiving a true maintenance award?


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NACSA can help! 

Child Maintenance law is complex.  Family lawyers who specialise in this area of law are difficult to find and expensive to hire.  NACSA are specialists and have been dealing with child maintenance law for over 20 years. We provide sound, expert advice and guidance, for all three schemes of child maintenance.  

NACSA will not help parents evade their responsibility to pay maintenance, nor can we remove child support debt that is proven to be correct.  Our remit is to provide affordable help and ensure that the legislation is applied correctly when child maintenance decisions are made. 

Alongside the support offered to individual clients, NACSA have also played a major role in presenting evidence to the Select Committee and provides guidance to solicitors, MPs, Ministers, CAB centres and Debt Counselling Agencies. 

Join Today!  

We offer a range of services to suit all circumstances and budgets. 

From Personal* Consultations to review  latest letters or decisions from CMS that you disagree with, to Full Representation Service whereby we take over the managemtn of your case and deal with CMS on your behalf.  We also provide support and guidance for proceedings under HM Courts and Tribunals service too.  

*Personal consultations are currently held via skype or telephone.

If CMS are causing your distress, why not call us to see how we can help 01384 572525.